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The Agneta Livijn artbooks tell the rich story of her artistic life. Although known to most as painter and designer, the books tell a complete story of her multifaceted career. Learn about her upbringing, what inspirations she drew, and how she became the storied artist she is today.
Book - My Four Castles
295 SEK
A small but dense biography of the Swedish artist, known to most as a painter and designer of ceramics but in reality a much more multifaceted and complete figure who has opened the doors of her archive and her houses just for you!
Author: Agneta Livjin
Publisher copyright: Agneta Livjin AB
Graphic Designer: Antonio Ingrassia / Satiro Design
Copyright: Agneta Livjin / Archivia
Size: 170 × 225 cm
Hardcover, Number of pages 76
English version
ISBN 978 91 519 6249 8
Printed in Italy
First publication Italy, July 2020