Design Projects

Ikea Lingon - Sweden March 21 2021

In 2005, IKEA contacted Agneta Livijn and asked if she would like to make a new kind of flower pot for them. Agneta traveled to Elmhult in Sweden and discussed the design and production. Short after, Agneta Livijn's new handmade product was in the IKEA stores around the world. With inspiration from the swedish Geranium ( Pelargonium ) flower in mind, the pot was a huge success!

Ikea Maräng - Sweden March 21 2021

Inspired by the young peoples joy of life and awareness, Agneta Livijn set out to design a simple yet beautiful collection for IKEA. Agneta worked out the samples and not soon after the release the collection became a big success worldwide with over 1 000 000 pieces produced. Agneta followed the production in Vietnam and made sure her vision and idéa were fulfilled. The set contains a small bowl with a lid and pad, a cup without handles and a wooden spoon.

Habitat - UK March 20 2021

In the spring of 2009 Agneta travelled to Marrakesh, Morocco. The simplicity in the Moroccan people's cookery and their way of serving food on classical tagines with handles truly inspired Agneta. Returning home to Stockholm she had an idea about a new service for the European market.

Agneta contacted Habitat and told them about her vision and not soon after she was on the plane to their headquarters in London with a few handmade samples inspired by the north African dinner table.

Habitat loved the idea and named the new service Agneta Line.

Museum Cap Moderne - France February 24 2021

Inspired by the iconic patterns of Eileen Grey, Agneta created a new line of Espresso Cups in honor of her legacy. The cups were a gift to the charity auction held at the historic Villa E-1027 at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, and soon became a hit around the world, and are today sold at international museums.

I know a guy - Sweden February 24 2021

Agneta designed the cuos exclusively for I Know a Place in brand new colors.

I can make your sign - Sweden January 04 2019

Get inspired by these beautiful projects. Agneta Livijn adds that personal touch to your home, with a personally fit sign, and makes a house into a home.

Charity Auction at Cap Moderne - France January 03 2019

The lovely Cap Moderne Espresso Cups were designed in honor of Eileen Grays legacy, and auctioned out at the fundraiser at her waterfront villa Cap Moderne. Here you can find the images from the celebration, with Royal attendance.

La Casa del Mare - Sweden January 01 2018

By the Torekov meadows where the ocean meets land Agneta Livijn created La Casa del Mare, a modern house inspired by the sun kissed French Riviera. Agneta got a flashback from when she was growing up as a child by the Mediterranean Sea and fell in love with the new untouched land in Torekov as the warm wind stroked her cheek. The building is an art-project which in its simplicity melts into the empty meadow and is also a milestone in her artistic life. Here, Agneta has collected the essence of her life. A studio where her creations in ceramics, paintings, and now, latest her garden-pottery are for show. The house is extremely easy meat and contains an art studio which doesn't disturb the living areas.
La Casa del Mare is a quintessential meeting point for family and friends, with its big garden and pergola for late dinners. The plot also has a small wooden house for storage, "Le Cabanon" and a home for the children, appropriately named Mont Solei. The architecture reminds you of a house near the Mediterranean with its white-washed stone. It's well build to resist the summer- and winter winds which can be produced by nature in Bjäre County. It has an open floor-plan with an interior that is a good combination with the Italian stone-floor and kitchen. The children´s house Mont Solei is like an Italian dream with tiled floor and white walls. The house is a place for Agneta Livijn to reflect on life and create new art, with her studio that invites you for viewing.

La Casa del Mare is 155 square meters
and the plot is 1450 square meters
The house was created year 2017-2018

Blue Dots - Sweden January 01 2017

The Blue Dots set was made available for summer 2017. Check out the Blue Dots cup with a classic shape, making it perfect for the morning coffee, or maybe the round and soft shape procelain Blue Dots bowl.

Y's For Living Japan January 01 2017

A wonderful collaboration with Y's for Living exclusively premiering our new dot-cups.
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