Restaurants & Conference
Many restaurants have had the fortune of working with Agneta, and are today serving their customers in complete sets of Agneta Livijn ceramics and porcelain. For restaurants, it is especially important that the products are sturdy enough to not be worn down by diligent use. Agneta’s ceramics have passed the test of time, and are enhancing delicious, memorable meals, every day.
Ever inspired in the domain of kitchenware, Agnetas ceramics and porcelain have been featured in many cookbooks, presenting the meals in a dignified and inspiring way.
Exhibitions & Openings
Throughout the years, Agnetas’ art has been put on display countless times. Never failing to deliver, thousands of art enthusiasts have visited these shows, inspired and enchanted by the timeless art.
The life of Agneta Livijn has caught the eye of many, and she’s often been featured in reputable magazines and TV-shows. There, she shares her philosophy on life and art, and tells some of her many stories, as a lifelong artist.